LAZZARO: The Man and His Machines


by Ron Moshier

Winning wasn’t all Lou Lazzaro did. It was how he managed to keep winning – on dirt and pavement – that made him one of the Northeast’s most revered and respected stock car drivers of all time.

Seen by some as an underdog because his home-grown race cars rarely looked like the pick of the litter, “That there Louie” did it his way. Racing against time and money, he kept his legion fans shaking their heads in disbelief, as he rebounded from financial woes and serious illness to win again and again.

With “The Monk” and “The Incomparable Lou Lazzaro” and finally, “The Legend” at the wheel, “LAZZARO: The Man and His Machines” takes you on a revealing, roller-coaster ride down memory lane that shows how his winning ways worked, and why he will never be forgotten. Soft cover, 180 pp., 160 color/B&W photos S-1746

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